Project Progress Photos


    Survey crews work to advance timeline of project.


    Survey work takes place early in the project.


    CDM Smith documents the existing utilities throughout the Town of Longboat Key.


    CDM Smith is performing an independent review of the project cost and budget.


    CDM Smith is working together with the Town to fine tune the master schedule.


Longboat Key Undergrounding Project Updates
January – March 2019

We are pleased to update you on the progress of the Town of Longboat Key Undergrounding Project.

The project schedule with appropriate revisions is on target and moving forward, nearing a new milestone with final review of preliminary Agreements with our selected undergrounding contractor to commence work as well as our third party (P3) partners for deploying a new fiber network and improved cell phone coverages via the Smart City Street Light (SSL) concept.

Plans for commencing work in Phase One are under way with hopeful start date by the end of April 2019.

Phase 2 of the project – extending from The Village South to Dream Island Road – will immediately follow.

With the completion of surveys, our team is on track with providing FPL the information needed to ensure required equipment location accuracy and logistics. The FPL plans will also serve as a catalyst to determine the relocation and coordination efforts of undergrounding both Comcast and Frontier aerial facilities as well as added Town infrastructure for fiber and street lights. The final designs will include information the Town needs for securing required utility easements for placing equipment beyond road right of ways from the adjacent private properties.

Looking Ahead – 2019

As we move into the first half of 2019, the Project Team will ensure that we stay on schedule, continue coordination efforts with FPL, and verify estimated costs with accurate design information on hand.

The Project Team, including engineers, contractors and P3 partners, will use the completed survey information to prepare a total system design and develop the final binding cost estimates for the proposed undergrounding infrastructure. Additional focus will be made on assessing the proposed lighting and fiber backbone infrastructure and pursue the concept of separating that specific work to run ahead of the FPL portions of the undergrounding project. The separation of this component of work could provide residents with expedited use of these facilities and generate earlier revenue streams for the town. The Project Team will closely coordinate this work to ensure best practices and use of efficiencies are in place to minimize impacts to our residents. This effort will include costs assessment, proposed layout and preliminary design as well as provide opportunity to increase service availability to end use customers early on in the overall schedule rather than following the progress of the FPL work.

Website is Live

We invite you to visit the website often to stay informed about the project. Visitors are also invited to sign up to receive important e-notifications and  email us if you have any questions or comments throughout the duration of the project.

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