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Underground Utilities

The Town of Longboat Key is converting overhead electric utilities to underground utilities and simultaneously installing a Town-wide fiber optic network. The utility improvements will take place within the entire length of the barrier island, extending 10 miles from just south of Longboat Club Road to just north of North Shore Road.

Project Limits

The northern half of the Town is located in Manatee County, while the southern half is located in Sarasota County. The Gulf of Mexico Drive (G.M.D.)/SR 789 is the main thoroughfare that runs North/South through the Town. A majority of the utilities are located within the right-of-way on this main thoroughfare; however, additional utilities are located on power poles along neighborhood streets.

Voter Approval

The Town conducted two referenda that received voter approval to borrow sufficient funds to pay for the undergrounding of G.M.D., known as G.M.D. Project, and the neighborhood streets, known as Neighborhood Project. Construction of both projects will occur simultaneously but must be accounted for separately to meet financing requirements.

G.M.D. Project:  Consists of converting overhead electric facilities underground on the ten-mile section of G.M.D. between Longboat Club Road and North Shore Road. Click here to determine your G.M.D. assessment.
Neighborhood Project:  Consists of converting overhead electric facilities underground throughout the Longboat Key neighborhoods. Click here to determine your Neighborhood Assessment.

Fiber Optics

With the implementation of the proposed fiber backbone down G.M.D. and throughout the neighborhoods, the Town will own the fiber and the infrastructure, lowering the cost of high-speed internet for the municipalities and the residents. This will translate into significant efficiencies in public services, where the savings can be used for future Town improvements. A state-of-the-art fiber system running to the homes in the Town increases property value and desirability for prospective residents. The proposed fiber optics backbone will be readily accessible to local businesses and residential neighborhoods, adding superior bandwidth and performance speeds for demanding business needs and family entertainment at a substantially lower cost. Whether running a profitable business from home or streaming music while jogging down G.M.D., with the fiber backbone installed, high-speed internet will be available throughout the Town.

Project Phases

The projects have been divided into 5 phases. Each phase includes portions of the G.M.D. Project and the Neighborhood Project. The phases are listed below.

Phase 1: Country Club Shores
Phase 2: The Village South to Dream Island Road
Phase 3:  Buttonwood Cove South to Country Club Shores
Phase 4: Dream Island Road South to the Zota Hotel
Phase 5:  Zota Hotel South to Buttonwood Cove

Final Selection of CEI Firm

The Town has procured the services of CDM Smith to act as the lead member of the Project management team. Some of the items that CDM Smith will be addressing include project and construction management services, cost estimates, utility coordination, street lighting, construction services, public outreach and landscaping restoration.


Email us directly at underground@longboatkey.org.

Working Together to Improve Safety, Reliability and Aesthetics.

Below are the names of the agencies that are involved with this project. You will see their vehicles and crews throughout the duration of the project.