About the Project

The Town of Longboat Key is taking all overhead utility lines along Gulf of Mexico Drive and in the surrounding neighborhoods and placing them underground. Known as The Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD) Project, this “undergrounding” project includes moving FPL, Comcast, and Frontier lines underground as well as having the contractor install a town-wide fiber optic network and smart pole street lighting. These utility upgrades and enhanced technology are consistent with the referendum and will take place along the entire length of the barrier island.

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Project Background

The Town of Longboat Key is 16 square miles with almost 7,000 people calling the Town home year-round. During the peak winter/tourist season, the population increases to approximately 22,000. The island economy is driven by businesses serving tourists and seasonal residents.

In November of 2015, the town conducted two referenda that received voter approval to borrow $25,250,000 to pay for the undergrounding of utilities along the GMD Project, and the neighborhoods streets, known as the Neighborhood Project. The two projects are referred to as the GMD Project and are occurring simultaneously, however, in order to meet financing requirements they are being accounted for separately.

As each parcel in the Town depends on GMD as the main thoroughfare to and from the island, all parcels located within Town limits benefit from the GMD Project. Most properties receive their electric from GMD feeder lines. Therefore, any improvements in safety and reliability of these lines is also a benefit to all properties. The Town is in the process of implementing the project. For more information on the non-ad special assessment please call Town Hall at 941-316-1999.

Project Limits

The GMD Project is a ten-mile section of Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD)/SR 789 from Longboat Club Road on the south end to North Shore Road on the north end. The northern half of the Town is in Manatee County, while the southern half is in Sarasota County. The GMD is the main thoroughfare that runs North/South through the Town. Utilities are located within the right-of-way of this main thoroughfare and also along power poles that line neighborhood streets.

Project Phasing

Construction for the project has been divided into 4 phases.

  • Phase 1: Country Club Shores
  • Phase 2: The Village South to Dream Island Road
  • Phase 3: Buttonwood Cove North to County Line
  • Phase 4: Dream Island Rd South to County Line

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Phase 1

  • Acceptance of FPL undergrounding materials
  • Start of Frontier construction to involce both Gulf of Mexico Drive and neighborhood sections where applicable
  • Start of FPL undergrounding construction along Gulf of Mexico Drive extending from south end (Longboat Club Road) to Putter Lane

Phase 4

  • Working with FPL to Finalize Designs
  • Design completion spring 2020

Phase 3

  • Working with FPL to Finalize Designs
  • Design completion spring 2020

Phase 2

  • Acceptance of FPL undergrounding materials
  • Start of FPL undergrounding construction along Gulf of Mexico Drive extended from Dream Island Road to Broadway

Working Together to Improve Safety, Reliability and Aesthetics.

Below are the agencies that are involved with this project. You will see their vehicles and crews throughout the duration of the project.