Project Updates


    Survey crews work to advance timeline of project.


    Survey work takes place early in the project.


    CDM Smith documents the existing utilities throughout the Town of Longboat Key.


    CDM Smith performing an independent review of the project cost and budget.


    CDM Smith working with Town to finetune the master schedule.

Holiday Schedule

Thanksgiving – No work during the holiday week of Thanksgiving, 11-25-19 through 11-29-19. Additionally, the Town Hall will be closed 11-28-19 and 11-29-19.

Christmas – No work during the holiday week of Christmas and New Year’s; 12-23-19 through 01-05-20.

Summer 2019

The project is moving forward and recent activities include:

  • The acceptance of FPL undergrounding materials for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 at the material staging site which is approximately 5 miles northeast of the island in Manatee County. This will allow the undergrounding contractor to secure and store the FPL undergrounding materials and bring it on site as needed – Ongoing progress.
  • Frontier has started undergrounding its lines in Phase 1. This will allow for Frontier’s overhead lines to be removed to allow for future FPL pole removal. Frontier’s work efforts are minimal within Phase 1 and will not affect service to their existing customers.
  • FPL has started undergrounding construction of the feeder conduits along GMD for Phase 1 of the project – extending from the south end (New Pass bridge - Longboat Club Road) working north to northern end of Country Club Shores.
  • FPL has started prep work for undergrounding construction of the feeder conduits along GMD for Phase 2 of the project – extending from Longboat Pass bridge south to Dream Island Road.

During this period all work will be predominately be directly along GMD This initial effort focuses on the installation of the primary feeder. As this work nears completion along GMD, further planning and development of work will begin within the neighborhoods. We will coordinate providing updates for this upcoming work in advance of the actual start of construction.

Looking Ahead - 2019

The Project Team is working hard to complete the Town’s fiber backbone and street lighting design with our currently selected public-private partnership (P3) partner. Once the fiber and lighting designs become available, we will focus efforts with our undergrounding contractor to develop inclusion of this work into the master schedule and define specific work areas to provide notice to residents and businesses.

Additionally, we have received the FPL preliminary plans for Phase 3. Our Project Team is currently working to review and confirm the proposed infrastructure and equipment locations. Once we can confirm the design information with FPL a request of remittance for final plans and Binding Cost Estimate is submitted, and the Town will move forward with procurement and construction of Phase 3.

Stay Informed

We invite you to visit the website often to stay informed about the project. Visitors are also invited to contact us directly if you have any questions or comments throughout the duration of the project.